Greg Pritchard Or Susan Boyle Wins The Finals?

I know there are a lot of fans for both Greg Pritchard and Susan Boyle and they are both unique in their own way. Susan had her underdog position when she first stepped on the stage but she no longer has that. She is now a serious contender for the win of Britains Got Talent seasong three. The media attention she got is almost ridiculous as she already has been to Oprah and other big American talk shows.

Greg Pritchard has not had that much of fame. He thrives with his singing and the fact that he can actually sing really good. I am not downgrading Susan because she can sing well, but there were a lot of off-notes in her performance in the semi-finals as well as in the first auditions.

Greg Pritchard Biography

The young and talented Greg Pritchard made a huge first impression with his unique voice on seasong three of Britain's Got Talent. As of now he is actually an ex-hotel worker even though he has told the press that it has been close he quit singing completely because people made fun of his voice. Such a talent would have never been seen because of immature ridicule towards his singing.

This 24-year-old blew the judges away with his singing and made way to the semi-finals with Greg Pritchards version of Nessun Dorma. Greg is not used to all this attention. Back in Cardiff where he lived before he moved back to his family three years ago he did not get that much attention. He sung along while listening music from such artist as Charlotte Churh and reached the same notes as her. All he has to say about his voice is: "It's unique. I can't think of any other adult male who can sing as high as a woman but still be able to reach the high notes like a woman." That is what makes his singing so great. On saturday you only heard his high notes, but it is true that he can sing the bass to. That will be left to the semi finals I think.

"I heard someone laughing and I remember thinking whether I should stop. I didn't want to be a comedy act. But I am so used to the ridicule that I just closed my eyes and went for it. The next thing I knew was a standing ovation."

Just like his fellow Welshman Shaheen Jafargholi, greg has really attracted the media, and with his looks and personality he has a true potential to become a huge star. He dedicated his performance to his father Spencer, who died aged 57 after complications during an operation.

It was very hard losing his father but he has to move along. His death came as a surprise. Greg Pritchard still imagines his father coming through the door one day and sit down with him. He would love that his father was there to see and hear him achieving all this. After his death Greg moved back to his family home with his young brother and mother. As tragic as it is he was forced to turn down a scholarship to the Britain's oldest independent theatre arts training school because they did not have the money for him to be living in london.